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La Tortilla Oven, LLC maker of the world famous Tortilla Oven ™ Tortilla Warmer, that will revolutionize the way people “Heat, Serve, and Keep Hot” tortillas in restaurants and in the home. Just imagine Fresh & Hot tortillas all the time throughout your entire meal in just minutes from your microwave. (Tortillas can also be heated on a griddle/ comal and then placed in the tortilla warmer.) There is no other product on the market today that even comes close to achieving the results that this Patented product brings to the marketplace. We spent many months working with Dupont to perfect the space age materials that make this product work so well. Our design and Dupont’s materials make for a product that will give countless years of enjoyment. Our product is microwave safe and food safe and made of the highest quality materials available all FDA approved. The tortilla warmer is washable and we know that you will be completely satisfied and that is why all our products come with a “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”. Your Tortilla Oven ® Tortilla Warmer is 11 inches in diameter and designed to hold one dozen Burrito size Flour Tortillas or any size Corn Tortilla. Follow the instructions printed on the backside of each Tortilla Warmer and you will wonder how you ever survived without one.

Tortillas and so Much More:

Our first product La Tortilla Oven™ Tortilla Warmer as good as it is for heating, serving, and keeping tortillas fresh and hot for up to 45 minutes, can also be used for so much more. Just think you now can make Quesadillas in just 45 seconds in your microwave without heating a griddle or pan, and your results will be excellent. Reheat burritos or prepare frozen burritos in a flash in your microwave, without them turning soggy. Reheat tacos, waffles pancakes, cookies, crepes, turnovers, toast, empanadas (meat or cheese filled turnovers), coyotas (Mexican pastry) and many more food items.

As we say “Tortillas Calientes y Mucho Mas”

Stay tuned to our Web Site for more new and exciting products to be coming out soon like; Tortilla Presses, Tortilla Griddle/ Comal, Tortilla Mixes to make your own tortillas from scratch, Recipes, Pot holders, La Tortilla Oven® T-shirts, Aprons, Mixing Bowls, Salsa, and anything tortilla related that you the customer wants us to carry.



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